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This summer, I look forward to eating...

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What are your favorite foods for summer?

Hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill are nice, but I'm looking forward to some fresh summer fruit. Strawberries (uh oh, Clay Aiken is allergic to them, but that's okay-I can't eat his favorite Krispy Kreme donuts, because I have diabetes) are my favorite.

P.S. I've done some construction on the blog trying out gadgets and layouts, but most of that's over for awhile. Tried a Clay Aiken layout, but some of the blogs and gadgets didn't look right. Bubel Aiken didn't win the Zemanta Blogging for a cause contest, but it was among many that were featured by Zemanta users. I found this fascinating quote today:

It’s truly empowering to see all the bloggers that stepped behind their causes and spread the word to their readers and followers on various social networks. After reading through over 400 blog posts for more than 60 charities and non-profits, we can say that the campaign Blogging For A Cause, was a great success as you managed to demonstrate the power of bloggers and their voices. The five charities and non-profits that will split the $6000 prize are:Jure, under, Z-Blog, Jun 2009

You should read the whole article.

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Quill, Papyrus, Pen and Stone: The Writers of Long Ago and Present Time

Imagine how different writing and communication would be if we were transported back hundreds of years ago. There were some advantages and disadvantages to their communication tools and styles, and to those we have today. I imagine with scarcer tools and few trained writers, the words were chosen carefully, but it also reached fewer people. While today's blogs and websites and other forms of media are more readily available to every person who is interested and are more quickly and easier to produce, the downside is that there may not be as much scrutiny over what is written; as in the tabloid blogs which tell many false stories about celebrities(such as Clay Aiken) and politicians, without much recourse. While blogs and websites are great tools for professionals and amateur writers, I think they can be misused; and, if we appreciate how rare these opportunities once were, we'd try to do better(at least most of us are willing). What do you think? Let me know in your comments. Thanks. To repost any part of this blog in yours, just click the reblog button below. Please let me know in my comment box if you used parts of the blog- If you're a tabloid or gossip site, you are not welcome to use any part of my posts. Thank you
Here's a similar blog about paparazzi at Clay Aiken News Network Clay Aiken and the Paparazzi

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