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Clay Nation Excited For 2010!!!!

Clay Aiken Independent Tour @ Joe Lewis Arena,...Image via Wikipedia

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Clay Aiken said on his website that his fans would see him so much in 2010, that we'd be tired of him; but that will never happen. Still, Clay fans can't wait for the new year!

So what topics would you like to see covered in this blog in 2010?

Say goodbye to 2009 and to this decade! Here are the most commented Claymania posts from 2009;
Comment Contest: Clay & Christmas
In Loving Tribute to Joseph Alvis Aiken: Clay's grandfather
Bubel Aiken Foundation Receives New Name-New Website

Photo of the Week\
z blog

Blogging For A Cause-The Bubel Aiken Foundation

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Sad news: The Clay Nation Loses A Great Friend

submit to reddit I was hoping to announce the winner of my latest comment contest, but I just found out that the only person who entered died last week. Joan Martin, aka Ashes, was a dear friend to her fellow Claymates. Although I never met her in person -as I live in Tennessee and she lived in Alberta, Canada; we shared several comments and personal messages through our blogspot blogs and The
Clay Aiken Official Fan Club .
She died due to a lung infection.

Joan was among the first who welcomed me to the OFC 3 years ago. She has made several photo blends, montages and videos that featured Clay and/or his music, many are featured on her blog Ashes Clay The Man. She made the montage at the top of this entry. Click the photo to see the whole pic. Instead of the Itunes card, I will donate to the National Inclusion Project in her memory. One video is part of her entry to this contest. It is featured below with her comment;

"Ashes said...

Cynthia (hey there's a "C"!)you have such interesting new ideas :)

How about a montage -- Christmas Waltz by Clay!
It's at my blog:

A happy Christmas season to you!!
hugs, Ashes


Joan, we miss you. Our thoughts and prayers are with your friends and family.
Another Claymate has made a touching tribute to Joan with a video with some of her artwork featured. It is by Aspiegirl and is the second video(P
.S. You may want to press stop on the music player in order to watch the videos.).

There are some touching tributes from Joan's friends on Carolina Clay's blog and the fan club board,

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What Are Your Favorite Holiday Memories?

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O Come O Come EmmanuelImage by Pinkpollyanna via Flickr


There are a few mementos from Clay Aiken's Holiday Performances below(you might want to press stop on the Dizzler music player on the side when you watch the videos.), but what is your favorite holiday memory? One of my favorites was strangely enough the Christmas after my Dad died, my family and I went a few miles up to the Smokies and spent most of Christmas week up there. We gave each other few presents and used the rest for souveneirs and things on the trip. We didn't want to spend Christmas at home without my Dad that year. My niece and nephew did a lot of fun things like ice skating with their dad at Ober Gatlinburg . It was hard, but being away and having fun made it a little easier.

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Surviving The Holiday Cold

  What do you do when you've got a cold during a holiday week?

Christmas Myspace Comments

This is my 2nd time, last time was during Christmas several years ago. My mom and I have toughed out a cold and sore throat(it's still not completely gone yet ) during Thanksgiving week .She went to the doctor on Monday.  We stayed home away from our family, but a neighbor brought some food.  Still, we are very blessed.

                        So far, here's what I did imfeelingitdawg
1 Rested a lot

Clay Aiken,Clay Aiken Emoticons

2,  Stayed Hydrated and Took Vitamin C
           I drank mostly Ocean Spray Diet and some Tea.

3. Surfed The Web A Bit

I felt a little better this week -so I explored the web -even visiting


4. Watched TV and Youtube
Yes, some of the videos were of Clay Aiken;

So how are you?

DON'T Forget to Check Out My Comments Contest, before you go.

I'm hoping to get out soon; start my Christmas shopping and to see"The Blind Side"!

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