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Clay's Best Love Songs

Clay AikenCover of Clay Aiken
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     Here are some of (in no particular order)Clay Aiken's Best Love Songs from his current album, as well as songs from past albums, performances and tours;

Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You

The Way

Unchained Melody (TNT version)

Love of My Life

Measure of a Man

I Know How The River Feels

This is the Night

and who can forget Clay's American Idol audition with

Always and Forever ?


What are some of your favorite Clay Aiken love songs? Please mention them in the comment box below. Thank you!


There's a bunch more that are really great love songs by Clay, but I'll close for now. The next post will be Clay's Single/Breakup/ Lonely for folks like me who are single.

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Prince's "When Doves Cry" vrs. Clay's rendition of "When Doves Cry"

Clay AikenCover of Clay Aiken Which version is your favorite performance of "When Doves Cry"? 

or Clay's?


I like Prince's version, but Clay's version is my favorite. Which one is your favorite? Please comment below. Thank you.

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All In A Day's Snark!

Search for Tried and True

Clay AikenCover of Clay Aiken
  A preview of the Tried and True Live tour took place tonight in Chicago.
 From the red reports from fans who attended Clay Aiken's sold out Chicago concert last night, Clay was primed and ready to sing and to joke with the audience. He caught a fan (250 per seat)sending a cell-cert to another fan who couldn't come to the concert. He got the phone, talked to the person on the line and joked with them,  and hung up on her, then singing "Who's Sorry Now?" . Then he quietly asked the fan in the audience if she had gotten back in touch with her friend. This was one of a few snarky episodes that fans reported that happened in the Chicago concert. Clay is well known by his fans for his snarky wit. That wit helped him earn a role on Spamalot after Eric Idle took his daughter to one of Clay's concerts.

Photo by Farouche
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Updated Version x2-Dedicated to Maria Chapman and her family

Chapman's first adopted daughter, Shaohannah, ...Image via Wikipedia

Christian Glitter by

The youngest daughter of Stephen Curtis Chapman, Contemporary Christian music singer, died as a result of an accident.
Information Steven Curtis Chapman loses youngest daughter in driveway accident

Where you can send Condolence Messages in memory of Maria
You can light a virtual candle for Maria and her family here Candles-Group MC

My thoughts and prayers are with the family. Now, it's been a while since I wrote this and we have a young Maria in my family.

Christian Glitter by

Updated info after original post date of 5/26/08

Steven Curtis Chapman has a new album called "Beauty Will Rise". It is a touching tribute to his daughter and to the grief process the family is going through.

ject> To learn more about Maria's Big House of Hope, please check out Show Hope:Maria's Big House of Hope Thank you.

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Writer's Block

How well I could write if I were not here!Image by madamepsychosis via Flickr
If you're a blogger, do you ever have times when you run out of ideas for posts?  I do sometemis, especially now that I have two blogs. Velvet Blues has some very clever ideas for when you just can't drum up any ideas for a post. 
   While I'm on the subject, what topics would you like to see in this blog? You're the readers so you have the right to choose. Or, would you like the chance to write a guest post? If yould like to post some topic ideas relevant to this blog or post a guest post, please email me at or post a comment below. Thanks for your help! 
Search for Blogging 
Search for Writer's Block 
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Idol Hands Making a Difference

American IdolImage via Wikipedia

 Search for Clay Aiken
 Search for Brooke White 

Clay Aiken is not the only humanitarian among the American Idol alumni; Brooke White performed at a benefit concert early this summer, called Hope For The Children . 
Hope For The Children benefits a charity called Familes For 
Orphans ;whose mission is to find loving homes for orphans worldwide. The charity is located in Gilbert, Arizona. For more info, visit the above links or this blog post by Margaret Turley; where I found out about the charity and Brook White's concert at . 
You don't have to be an American Idol to make a difference. There are lots of charities such as this one, the National Inclusion Project, UNICEF, your local charities, and many others that could use your time and money . Even if it's a dollar or an hour volunteer work. It all adds up. Please give as you are able and give cheerfully. For more information about charities; you can visit my other blog, ApplaUSe4ACause

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Have you voted today? Thanks!

National Inclusion ProjectImage via Wikipedia Have you stopped voting for the National Inclusion Project on the Pepsi Refresh page? Please DON'T! The charity is still in the running this month to win 50,000 dollars; which will enable them(if they are in the top 10) to provide more summer camps for children with special needs to interact with children without special needs. Check out the link below for more info . You can also vote through the widget at the top of this blog. THANK YOU!

Have you voted today? Thanks!

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