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Happy Birthday, Clay!

Happy Birthday Myspace Comments

 Today is Clay Aiken's 32nd Birthday. Happy birthday, Clay and I hope you have a great day!

If you'd like to honor his birthday, please consider donating to the National Inclusion Project and/ or UNICEF, If you can't afford to give any money, please use Goodsearch for either  cause for your web search, every search equals a penny for the cause of your choosing.

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Four Years of Claymania

Clay AikenCover of Clay Aiken

myspace icons

Today is the fourth anniversary of CCol4him's Claymania. This blog started out with the name of CCol4him's blog. I want to thank all my readers, those who have been here since the beginning and those who have just started reading this blog. Thank you to Clay Aiken who has served as the inspiration for this blog.
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Clay Aiken, Before He Was Famous

Here's a couple peeks back in time to see what Clay Aiken, once known as Clayton Grissom, was like before he became famous;

A Clayton Grissom Christmas

Just by Chance (Clay Aiken) performing in 1998

 Secondhand Heart

Clayton Grissom as Leading Man in Oklahoma(in High School)

Special thanks go to Clay and all of the Clack gatherers.
Miss you, Yollie.

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Presale for Clay Aiken's Mesa, Arizona Concert

Logo of the City of Mesa, ArizonaImage via Wikipedia

 If you are a member of Clay Aiken's Official Fan Club and live near Mesa, Arizona; tickets are available for presale for the March 10th, 2011 concert. Public ticket sales are available on December 11, 2010. For more info, see:
The Official Clay Aiken Fan Club

Mesa Arts Center 

and Clay Aiken, the Ideal Idol

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Idol to Move?!

American IdolImage via Wikipedia

According to CNN, American Idol will be moving to Wednesday and Thursday nights beginning in January. This is great for Idol fans who also like Dancing With the Stars, because now Idol won't be on at the same time.

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Shop For Christmas, and Give to UNICEF

A Christmas card from 1870Image via Wikipedia

If you want to do a lot of good for people in need and buy Christmas cards and gifts for your friends and loved ones , you'll need to check out Shop Unicef. 
Shopping at this site also keeps you from having to fight the maddening crowds at the shopping centers. If you do want to shop at a local store, please check out this page

There's everything from cards and stationery, to clothes, jewelry and toys. It's a great way to give back and to honor a certain UNICEF Ambassador(Clay Aiken) .

 Search for Unicef 

Search for clay aiken

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Great Story Songs

Cover of "Story Songs"Cover of Story SongsThese are a few songs that tell great stories. A few are Christmas songs;

Merry Christmas With Love

Teddy Bear

Christmas Shoes


Supper Time

 If you like these story songs, too, or want to share your favorite story songs, please post a comment below.

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Wrapping For Inclusion 2010

Traditional Japanese wrapping cloth,furoshiki,...Image via Wikipedia

If you are looking for a special volunteer project this holiday season or would like to get your gifts wrapped and give to a great cause at the same time, check out the Wrapping For Inclusion page on the National Inclusion Project website. If there's not a Wrapping For Inclusion hosted near you, consider organizing one or helping others to organize one in your area.

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Repost Something About Us~ Prince William & Kate Middleton>

Prince Harry and Kate Middleton at the Garter ...Image by Niquinho via FlickrCongratulations and best wishes to the future royal couple!

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"It's A Marshmallow World In The Winter..."

It's A Marshmallow World in the Winter.

'It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!'

Christian Glitter by

Christian Glitter by

Mary Did You Know~Clay Aiken

Marshmallows & Instant Gratification in Children

This is one of the most interesting studies involving children that I remember from when I studied for my B.A in Psychology at UT-Chattanooga.

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"I Am Norm"

 "I am Norm", even with all my illnesses and disabilities; extremely mild cerebral palsy, type 2 diabetes, lymphedema, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, and more. Are you "Norm"?

'I am Norm' is a new venture sponsored by Including Samuel and the National Inclusion Project. Check out the site for more info, I Am Norm


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Happy Thanksgiving, Clay Nation; and Autumn Photos

Thanksgiving Myspace Comments

Happy Thanksgiving to Clay, Team Clay, Clay's friends and family and to my readers!

Christian Glitter by

Have a blessed day!

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Happy Birthday, Robin Roberts!!!

Robin Roberts, newscaster on ABC at 81th Annua...Image via Wikipedia

Happy Birthday Myspace Comments

Happy Birthday and best wishes to Robin Roberts ! Sorry that this video is a birthday song sung to someone else.

* If you'd like to honor this Good Morning America cohost, please join the American Cancer Society's campaign for more birthdays at 
and comment below this post. Thank you

Christian Glitter by

For Robin Roberts and my visitors

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Dancing With the Stars Finale & It's Only Make Believe

NEW YORK - MAY 20:  'Dancing With The Stars' c...Image by Getty Images via @daylife

 The finale of Dancing With The Stars is tonight!
Who do you think will win?

^On another related note, I think Clay's version of "It's Z^Only Make Believe" would be great to see a couple or more do a quickstep on the dancing show. Do you agree or disagree?

Search for clay aiken
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Clay's Uplifting Songs

Cover of "Measure Of A Man"Cover of Measure Of A
Here are a few of Clay Aiken's positive and uplifting songs that he has recorded and/or performed; 
Measure of a Man

Grace of God


Weight of The World

All Is Well

Merry Christmas With Love

As Long As We're Here

Hope you enjoy these as much as I did, and as always comments are welcome and appreciated.

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I Appreciate You, Clay

Thank You Myspace Comments
While this is a week or so early for Thanksgiving, I thought it was appropriate at this time.
Thank you Clay (and to Team Clay)for all that you do for us fans. For the concerts, the meet and greets or bus line handshakes, for  the blogs, tweets and facebook posts; and so much more. Thank you most of all for sharing yourself with us, and for giving to kids in need through UNICEF and the National Inclusion Project. After all the negative posts on the OFC forum; you deserve to know how much that I and others still love and appreciate you, whether you blog or not .
       I'll probably post sometimes between now& Thanksgiving, but just in case;
Happy Thanksgiving to Clay and all his family and friends, to Team Clay and all of the Clay Nation.
I am also very thankful for all of my readers!
Thanksgiving Myspace Comments
 If you appreciate Clay, too; please post a comment below. Comments are always welcome and appreciated.

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Clay's Songs For The Lonely and Broken Hearted

Broken Heart Myspace Comments
           Clay's love songs are great and powerful, but so are his sad songs. He seems to have no problem emotionally connecting to the songs that he sings and relating those to the listener in his voice, whatever mood the song is about.  On the last post, Clay's Love songs were featured; on this post are the songs for the single and unattached or who have had recent breakups. If you ar or have experienced breakups, singleness and/or loneliness, you'l identify with the following songs^;
Lover All Alone
Sacrificial Love 

You Don't Have To Say You Love Me

Run To Me

Lonely No More (Clay wrote this with David Foster)

I Survived You(a curse word is in this one-they aren't usually found in a Clay Aiken song)

Lover All Alone

Without You

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do


This isn't all the Sad Songs, but this is the last one for today, appropriately.

No More Sad Songs

^ Many of these songs were suggested by members of the Facebook group, Claynation (Cathie).

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