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Who is 'The Real' Clay Aiken?

Back - Josh Gracin, Clay Aiken, Kimberly Caldw...
Back - Josh Gracin, Clay Aiken, Kimberly Caldwell, Kimberley Locke, Charles Grigsby, Carmen Rusmusen, Trenyce, Ruben Studdard Seated - Julia DeMato, Corey Clark, Vanessa Olivarez, Rickey Smith (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 Who is Clay Aiken? I think only he and his friends and family really know him, but his fans have gotten to know him pretty well while respecting his privacy. Is he "the boy next door" who sang and won our hearts in American Idol and gave his heart to kids in need? Is he the "King Of Controversy'' ?  Is he a music Superstar? Or a snarky comedian? These are just a few facets of the man and singer, Clay Aiken
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  •  The Boy Next Door
                 Photobucket A young adult walked onto a stage in January of 2003 to audition for American Idol. He didn't make it the first round but got another chance. One judge looked at this man and said that he '..didn't look like a pop star, but you have a great voice..' He was runner up on the show but he won a lot of hearts and keeps on winning. Once he studied to become a special ed. teacher and has used his stardom to help kids in need through UNICEF and his own foundation, The National Inclusion Project. He is so considerate of his fans and yet maintains his own privacy. He shakes hundreds of his fans' hands after nearly every concert, with some risk due to food allergies that even a touch  from someone eating certain items can cause great harm.  Now, this singer with a heart of Gold is competing on Celebrity Apprentice to win 250,000 dollars for the National Inclusion Project.    

"King Of Controversy"               Photobucket From the time he first became famous, Clay has been involved in a few controversies. Some happened before and after he came out in 2008 in People Magazine. Some of the controversies happened due to something he did or said, and sometimes it just seems like he gets in trouble without trying. Gossip rags and websites like to make more controversies then there really is about Clay. It's enough at times to give Clay's publicist a heart attack :D !                                                                               
  • Superstar Clay                                                                                             
  • Photobucket
From American Idol, to Platinum Albums, to Broadway to the Apprentice, Clay has proven to be a superstar. If you've been to one of his concerts, you know that he (and his band) provide not only musical prowess, but comedy as well. There's a bit of everything in one of his concerts. The only problem is a lack of radio airplay in recent years. Sometimes I think I would like to be his publicist for a week- but dealing with real or contrived controversies would be my downfall! :D

  • Clay, the Snarky Comedian Photobucket                    In his concerts, on Broadway and on tv and other places, you can observe the wit of Clay. Sometimes he's funny on purpose and sometimes he's funny by accident.   Yo can even catch a funny and cute moment from this past Sunday's episode of The Apprentice, featuring Clay and Arsenio wrestling on Entertainment Weekly.                                                    


  • So who is Clay Aiken, anyway?       &nbs

    p; He's a little bit of all of these combined into one person. Thank you, Clay, for sharing yourself with your fans and the world.  

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