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`Color Me Confused'

Aiken at a 2006 Christmas tour appearance in M...Aiken at a 2006 Christmas tour appearance in Merrillville, IN (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

                    It's speculation time again. I keep reading news articles about Clay possibly running for Congress, then they say he's not running, only to say again that he is still considering it. Whatever may be the case, I wish him the best. This Republican(75 percent) fan will support him. I guess I should patiently wait until he releases a statement. Besides, it's not likely that I can vote for him in TN. So, what are 
your thoughts? Please feel free to share them in the comments below, or on Facebook, Twitter and Google + . I've never run for office, even in school; but was elected in my high school Spanish club as decoration chair and someone else named "Cynthia Coleman" ran unsuccessfully for 
a local office a few years ago. 
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While we wait, here are a few Youtube clips that he might could use for his campaign;

        Face The Nation with Bob Schieffer - Perkins: "This is about more than just marriage"

The Importance of Inclusion feat. Debbie Gibson & Clay Aiken

Clay Aiken - UNICEF Webisode

American Idol season 2 - God bless the USA

It's about damn time", Clay's speech at the 2010 HRC Carolinas

A conversation with Clay Aiken-Key Club International

UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken visits Afghanistan

Pop Superstar Clay Aiken Performs the National Anthem @ The World Series

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