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Measure Of A Man: In Pictures

                     Here are some of the lyrics in picture form to Clay Aiken's song, "Measure of A Man"  

This is the Photobucket slideshow of the pictures above.

ccol4him1's MOAM Lyric Art album on Photobucket

Try Something New Today!

               If you are anything like me, the style of music that you listen to and the artists who you listen to tend to stay the same. I mostly listen to Clay Aiken, similar singers and some Contemporary Christian. Why don't we try something else sometimes? After all, trying a new artist or genre doesn't mean we love our favorites any less.

Images by Canva and Creative Commons

      You could try a new music app or website, try a new genre or whatever. Maybe the best way would be to get the suggestions from a friend or family member who listen to other types of music. Maybe you could stand it for about 30 seconds or you might discover a new favorite artist or group, or song . Who knows? Sometimes a little change in the day can help make your day seem less routine. Trying new things keeps you young and your brain growing.   

            I use a lot of music apps and websites from time to time.  I found a new site recently, Jamendo, which features independent artists and music that  you can use for Youtube videos and presentations. I had a Windows 10 app for it and then signed up on the website. The only problem I had was that my new account on the website wouldn't sync with the app. Otherwise, I love it! Here are my favorite tracks so far.  One of my favorite artists on Jamendo is Melanie Ungar. You can follow her on Jamendo or Twitter.

                            If you don't want to change your music, you could try a new craft or hobby . Please let me know what you think about this post in the comments below or @ccol4him on Twitter.         

Merry "Christmas in July!"

Whip up yourself an iced peppermint latte, pull up a chair and enjoy some "Christmas in July"!

  • Clay Aiken already has one concert listed on Ticketmaster for the Holidays in Chandler, AZ
  • Here are a few Claymania posts,  in review , that feature Clay and Christmas;
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So what do you think of these ideas for Christmas in July? Have any more or other ideas for this blog?  Jot me a message, please, in the comment form below or via Twitter and Facebook. Thank you.