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Happy May Day!

                 Spring is here and Summer is around the corner. 2017 is almost half over 😲 and today is May Day.  Some people associate the day with flowers, giving baskets of flowers to friends and neighbors (secretly),  and twirling ribbons around a pole to celebrate Summer. Others see it as a day to protest for workers' rights.  Whichever you celebrate, I hope you have a happy and safe May Day.

            Now that Summer is nearly here, what are your plans? I don't know if Clay will tour during the summer; but if not, there is always Bold and YouTube videos of previous concerts. Speaking of Bold, did you know that they have a podcast on iTunes? I didn't and my video streaming is sometimes sketchy- but the podcasts download fine.  

Original photo source--  Annie Sprat on Unsplash>

                    Thank you for visiting and have a great May Day!


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