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Make A Grand Entrance

                From Clay's experience with American Idol, concert stages and Broadway and off-Broadway plays; he certainly knows how to make a 'Grand Entrance.' These are a few of the ways that Clay uses.;

  • First, do a instrumental interlude before the curtain opens,  then sing a musical 'Hello'.         Clay Aiken - (Where Do I Begin) Love Story by suereu from the Tried and True tour   

    • Come up in a lift on to the stage and sing a popular U2  song.  Clay Aiken - Where The Streets Have No Name. Video by AzNxi3uTtErfLy, clips by Aflack and Scarlett. Solo Tour.

    • Share the stage with a friend or two(or more)-                   Clay Aiken - blows his partner off the stage-by  Dexter Haven                                    

    Clay Aiken & Ruben Studdard Reunite For First Time In 13 Years by Wochit Entertainment

    Clay Aiken- Fantasy by Chexxy

    Clay Takes On The Girls- I Want To Know What Love Is by stajay

    •   Let others enter first Clay Aiken- You Were There by FraikenClazy22


         So what did you think about today's post? Love it, hate it, indifferent, whatever- just please let me know in the comment section below.Thank you and come again. What are some ways that you can make a #grandentrance today? Take a photo of yourself(or a beautiful door)  and share it on Twitter and Instagram with this hashtag. My usernames for both are ccol4him.   


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