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Ah, Summertime......

                  So, how's your summer going? Is it exciting and fun or rather dull and boring or something in-between? I really would like to know. Clay is recording Bold, is going to be in the next Sharknado movie, and is doing some private concerts.

  •       I made a video earlier to wish Clay a Happy Summer, here it is;                     

  • Are you staying cool this summer? Ice cream and frozen lemonades are cooling, but not as healthy as frozen grapes and these recipes; 1* and 2 *. 
  • If you're over 18, here are some fun things to do in the 2 months that are left of summer;       Summer Fun For Adults-Pinterest .

               If you enjoyed this post, please take a minute or two to introduce yourself , say how your summer is going, and offer ideas for some good clean summer fun for adults in the comment section below.Thank you!

1*.        16 Healthy Ice Cream Alternatives | Brit + Co

2*.          ziplock bag low carb ice cream Recipe


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