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More Favorite Duets


           This is a continuation of a previous post, Favorite Duets

(* I'd really love to hear from you and hear from you,  often. Your opinions on this post and this blog in general really do matter!)    

  • with Casey Thompson (now Casey Fortuno)   by Wowzers4Clay     

Clay Aiken "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" Live At Hammond by Wowzers4Clay

  • Clay with Kimberley Locke

Without You - Kimberley Locke & Clay Aiken W/ Lyrics!!!

Clay Aiken, Kimberley Locke - White Christmas

  • With Bing Crosby (on a Nick at Night Christmas Special)

from morguefiles

  • Phineas and Ferb - I Believe We Can by DisneyXDUK  Clay and Chaka Khan got animated and joined the cast of the popular Disney show for a summer special. I remember having to buy the whole album of the special on iTunes, just to get this song- but it wasn't but about 6 or 7 dollars for the whole thing.  




Discovering Music through a Preschooler


     Sometimes the process of discovering music can come in strange and different forms. For example, the time I heard Meaghan Trainor's song " Me Too" wasn't on the singer's YouTube channel or Spotify; but through a video of my 3 year old great niece singing it. I thought it was something she had made up :D.  And here I thought I was keeping up with the music scene, well we all have to live and learn.

sources: Wikimedia and Pixabay

Hello! Hello!

            Hello! Hello! Is there anybody out there? I'd really appreciate your comments and feedback on this post and all of my posts on the blog. 


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