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American Music Awards Anniversary!

              Happy  13th anniversary to Clay Aiken on his first appearance and award on the American Music Awards!

       Clay received the Fan's Choice Award in 2003.  He also performed that year with Ruben Studdard. Some of the other musicians that performed at the awards were; Evanescence, Brittney Spears, and Christina Aguillerra.


Remembering our Veterans and Honoring Our Servicepeople

                  Happy Veterans' Day!

                Today is a day that we set aside to honor those who have fought for America's freedoms, both dead and living, and those who serve our country today.   Volunteers go to national cemeteries to place flags, hold services, and more. If you haven't already, take a moment to pray for (or remember) those veterans who died, who are living, our soldiers serving now and all of their families.


Update:Disney wasn't as fun as you think...

Disney experience*

original source-

                          I went to Disney several times as a young girl because I have relatives near Orlando. One time I went and I twisted my ankle as I was walking around the park(that happened a lot when I was little), but felt bad that I couldn't enjoy my trip to Disney. I survived and had better experiences there later. What were your trips to Walt Disney World like?

*This post was originally published in May of 2009.

Please click the photo above to find out more info. Kayleigh has passed on to a better place. Kayleigh's Story

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DWTS Is Back!

                  September is here and Dancing With The Stars is back for another season! Derek Hough and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are returning.


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