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Roses for You, Mom!

          Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms today and for single parents who serve as both mom and dad! Hope you are having a great day with your families. Enjoy the day and these roses.

original rose picture from

      If you forgot😲to get your mother or grandmother something for Mother's Day; maybe you can call her, cook her a meal , or write a sweet note or e-mail to her. Then, put next year's Mother's Day (May 13) on the calendar of your phone or computer. If not, then you are all set.

Frank Mckenna

photo credit: MacBeales Roses via photopin (license)

         Do you like this post, have a favorite memory of your mother, have a favorite TV Mom,  or have a favorite quote that relates to Mother's Day? If so, please share this post and comment in the form below.

Make A Grand Entrance

                From Clay's experience with American Idol, concert stages and Broadway and off-Broadway plays; he certainly knows how to make a 'Grand Entrance.' These are a few of the ways that Clay uses.;

  • First, do a instrumental interlude before the curtain opens,  then sing a musical 'Hello'.         Clay Aiken - (Where Do I Begin) Love Story by suereu from the Tried and True tour   

    • Come up in a lift on to the stage and sing a popular U2  song.  Clay Aiken - Where The Streets Have No Name. Video by AzNxi3uTtErfLy, clips by Aflack and Scarlett. Solo Tour.

    • Share the stage with a friend or two(or more)-                   Clay Aiken - blows his partner off the stage-by  Dexter Haven                                    

    Clay Aiken & Ruben Studdard Reunite For First Time In 13 Years by Wochit Entertainment

    Clay Aiken- Fantasy by Chexxy

    Happy May Day!

                     Spring is here and Summer is around the corner. 2017 is almost half over 😲 and today is May Day.  Some people associate the day with flowers, giving baskets of flowers to friends and neighbors (secretly),  and twirling ribbons around a pole to celebrate Summer. Others see it as a day to protest for workers' rights.  Whichever you celebrate, I hope you have a happy and safe May Day.

    The Ultimate List of Chattanooga's Live Music and Performance Venues

    Chattanooga, Tennessee Skyline

    One day I hope to see Clay at one of these venues. I don't go to as many concerts anymore due to getting older and having chronic illnesses. To find out more Chattanooga venues or about venues in your area, check out Thrillcall. A few of these places are strictly for adults, so check the venue's website for more information. 

    If you want to see more well-known artists in Chattanooga, these are the best venues to find them;