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Photo: Dr. Seuss Collage



This photo collage I made shows Clay Aiken in some recent photos and some from when he was on American Idol. What a journey Clay has had over the past 13 years since he first became famous! I wonder if he had a clue what was in store for him when he first signed up for Idol.






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RIP Glen Campbell

               I've never met Glen Campbell or seen him in concert, but I once met someone who looked like him and had been one of his drummers. I can relate to the struggle that Campbell and his family has had with Alzheimer's disease because my Dad had it before he died. My heart and prayers go to Glen's family and friends. Rest in peace, Glen Campbell.

  • Rhinestone Cowboy

  • Wichita Lineman

Ah, Summertime......

                  So, how's your summer going? Is it exciting and fun or rather dull and boring or something in-between? I really would like to know. Clay is recording Bold, is going to be in the next Sharknado movie, and is doing some private concerts.

  •       I made a video earlier to wish Clay a Happy Summer, here it is;                     

  • Are you staying cool this summer? Ice cream and frozen lemonades are cooling, but not as healthy as frozen grapes and these recipes; 1* and 2 *. 
  • If you're over 18, here are some fun things to do in the 2 months that are left of summer;       Summer Fun For Adults-Pinterest .

               If you enjoyed this post, please take a minute or two to introduce yourself , say how your summer is going, and offer ideas for some good clean summer fun for adults in the comment section below.Thank you!

1*.        16 Healthy Ice Cream Alternatives | Brit + Co

2*.          ziplock bag low carb ice cream Recipe


Roses for You, Mom!

          Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms today and for single parents who serve as both mom and dad! Hope you are having a great day with your families. Enjoy the day and these roses.

original rose picture from

      If you forgot😲to get your mother or grandmother something for Mother's Day; maybe you can call her, cook her a meal , or write a sweet note or e-mail to her. Then, put next year's Mother's Day (May 13) on the calendar of your phone or computer. If not, then you are all set.

Frank Mckenna

photo credit: MacBeales Roses via photopin (license)

         Do you like this post, have a favorite memory of your mother, have a favorite TV Mom,  or have a favorite quote that relates to Mother's Day? If so, please share this post and comment in the form below.