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Blogging For Inclusion-Gala Pics/Videos and Local Inclusion Scene

OK, readers, please take a deep breath and close your eyes a second ;D; because this entry is a long one :) ! OK-now you can look :) .

I wasn't able to go so, thanks to the Clack Gatherers for the pics and videos of The National Inclusion Project's 2009 Champions Gala ;

Clay Aiken Crazy4ClaynTN,National Inclusion Project,Champions Gala 2009

Sounds like the Gala was a smashing success and it raised a lot of funds for a great cause!

Please Support The National Inclusion Project!

You can also donate for the National Inclusion Project on Facebook-whether or not you are a Facebook user
Some are Trick or Treating for Inclusion on Facebook(see image by Suerue>)

Suerue,Clay Aiken,National Inclusion Project,National Inclusion Project,Crazy4ClaynTN

Here's a great video montage about the National Inclusion Project;

--------Why Inclusion Is Important--------------
This is an entry for a devotional for the church where my Mom and I are members, Burks United Methodist It was written by my Sunday school teacher who left a job with TVA to teach. It shows the importance of inclusion and awareness for children and adults;

2009 Crazy4ClaynTN,Blogging For Inclusion,BurksUMC,National Inclusion Project

If I had been in that teacher's class, I wouldn't get a star. I have mild Cerebral Palsy and cannot tie a "proper" bow, but I tie it the best way for me-and sometimes ask for help and I'm 41 :).

--------A Local Inclusion Event--------------
A local children's museum, the Creative Discovery Museum, is having a special event to show children what it's like to live with a disability in their "Kids Like You, Kids Like Me" Exhibit. It began on October 10th & ends on November 8th. Please check the museum's web page in the link above for more info. If you are in the Chattanooga area or live nearby, please come see this exhibit(Note: Adults can only enter the museum if they bring a child with them). "Kids Like You, Kids Like Me" is sponsored by the Siskin Children's Institute & Unum Provident

For more news about the National Inclusion Project, and Inclusion in general, please visit the following blogs; Carolina On My Mind
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Blogging For Inclusion-Gala Auction &Other Info

Marlee MatlinImage by loonyhiker via Flickr

The gang

National Inclusion Project Gala Auction Preview

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You can click on the logo above to go to the website for the National Inclusion Project.

Marlee Matlin Visits The University of Tennessee at Chatanooga
With the assistance of an interpreter, Marlee Matlin speaks about disability,access and diversity to a crowded room. The visit is sponsored by the College's Office for Students with Disabilities, Access and Diversity. You can find out more about this visit at The Chattanooga Free Press . There is a second article and a video there ; Chattanooga Times Free Press | Breaking barriers: Actress Matlin inspires UTC crowd Chattanooga Times Free Press | Video: Marlee Matlin speaks at UTC

You can also donate to the National Inclusion Project on Facebook(You don't have to be a Facebook user to Donate. Thanks!

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In Loving Tribute to Joseph Alvis Aiken: Clay's grandfather

Clay Aiken

Clay's Papa died yesterday. There is a tribute page for the elder Mr. Aiken on the Clay Aiken Official Fan Club

Who can forget the song that Clay dedicated to his Papa at American Idol, or the one he dedicated to him in one of his Christmas tours?

My heart, thoughts, and prayers are with Clay and all of his family.

Clickable of top picture

Clay Aiken