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Idol Alums Are Better Guest Stars

Have you ever watched American Idol (or any similar reality show) and wished that you could vote off the guest artist/ mentor instead of one of the contestants? I have. I think American Idol would do better with having more guest artists and mentors that are Idol alums (like Clay Aiken and many others)  with successful careers. It would showcase the best of Idol and a lot better music; but then again I'm a little picky as a music fan- your mileage may vary :D   Let me know what you think in the comment form below.

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American Idol Top 3,, Then and Now

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Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately, will try to do better.

 American Idol, Season 2


* I tried to find Ruben and Kim's homecoming videos, but no luck.

American Idol, Season 10


Bonus Videos

Clay Aiken mentions future plans, fatherhood, and talks about Scotty McCreery, Top 2 on Americann Idol season 10.

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Honoring Three Special Moms


Christian Glitter by

           This weekend I would like to honor 3 special mothers; my own and Faye Parker and Diane Bubel. Happy Mother's Day to these mothers and all the mothers, grandmothers, aunts and godmothers in the Clay Nation!

1. My Mother- Helen M. Coleman

                   "Where  do I begin...." to describe my mother? She has done so much for me, my brother and the rest of my family. She didn't know when I was born 43  years ago and had mild cerebral palsy that she'd still be caring for me. She's a retired special ed teacher, mom of two, a mother-in-law, sister, a grandmother of two, and now a great grandmother. There's so much to write that would take more than just 1 blog post to describe. Thank you Mom!

2. Faye Aiken Parker

   She's the mother of Clay Aiken. She has influenced his life strongly from when he was born, while he was growing up and long after, including before and after Clay became famous. She's also a grandmother to Parker and a friend to all of Clay's fans. Thank you, Faye.

3. Diane Bubel

           She's a mother and co-founder of the Bubel Aiken Foundation, now known as the National Inclusion Project. Clay met her while he was studying for a degree in Special Ed at UNC-Greensboro and he worked as a caregiver for her son Mike, who has autism. Clay was going to try out for the Amazing Race, but Diane encouraged him to try out for American Idol. She and Clay Aiken founded the charity. It was originally a model charity that Clay made for his senior project in college while he was on Idol; but money came pouring in and the foundation became real. Thank you, Diane.
                Thank you to these special ladies and Happy Mother's Day!

------This is a video made by mr montage;
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