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"The View"'s Hairstylist and Makeup Artist Mentions Clay

Cover of Clay Aiken

 - The second photo from the top is by Fountaindawg and it showcases the changes in Clay's appearance from 2003 during AI 2 to 2010.

In a recent interview with , 
shares stories about her experiences on The View with Clay Aiken, Oprah, Kelly Osbourne and Sherri Shepherd
  •              About Clay; 
"There are so many funny and memorable moments on The View. I remember Clay Aiken coming to the show and expressing to me that his hair gets so flat on top and that he wanted height in his hair. Knowing that he didn't want his hair teased, and a simple blow-out wouldn't work without a wash, I proceeded to put rollers in the crown area of his head. He didn't mind, and somehow was the most secure and cool-looking guy wearing them, but I remember the executive producer coming in hair and makeup and saying, "What the . . . ?..."  "

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Happy 3rd Birthday, Parker Foster Aiken!

Happy Birthday Myspace Comments

Today, Clay Aiken's son is 3. It doesn't seem any time since Parker's birth was announced! While Clay and Jaymes Foster, music producer and Parker's mom, have tried to shield their son from the public eye-there are a few videos or mentions of Parker, but mostly when he was an infant. It is well known that Parker doesn't care for live singing-not even of his famous Dad! That's normal, I suppose. My 2 great nieces, ages 2 and 3, only like their own singing and some recordings, but they especially like Mickey Mouse and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Claymates are celebrating Parker's big day with blog posts, votes for the National Inclusion Project on Pepsi Refresh, and donations to UNICEF.

  Parker is featured or mentioned in a few videos on Youtube and around the web:

By clayaikenfanforever18;

By LovesClaysVoice;

From CBS- The Talk


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Updated:Bon Apppetit!

Aiken at a 2006 Christmas tour appearance in M...Image via Wikipedia
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                 This blog post is partly inspired by the movie Julie and Julia ,and of course, Clay Aiken. Not that I am a great cook; far from it (I cook mostly using the microwave). If you like Julie and Julia, you might be interested in reading The Lawrence/Julie & Julia Project

Here's a video link of Clay and his grandmother cooking with Martha Stewart on The Martha Stewart Show: Hot Pineapple Salad (Clay's favorite recipe) in an appearance in 2007. I've also seen this recipe at church dinners  and it was called pineapple casserole.  Clay also shares some of his family recipes in his autobiography, Learning To Sing

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