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The 10 Funniest Videos of Clay Aiken

These are 10 of the funniest videos that feature singer and candidate Clay Aiken(or a cat by the same name), according to YouTube;


  • 9. Clay Aiken Funny Valentine by IUGurls

  • 6. Clay Aiken - The 60's Medley(So funny!!) by
  • loveholic6364                                      

  • 5. Clay Aiken-The Best and Funniest by newclayaiken                                                                                 


When The Lights Go Down Quiana Parlor, Clay Aiken by

  • 3. Clay Aiken "In My Life" Banter & Fan Dedication, T&T - Atlanta Concert Series HD by Wowzers4Clay

  • 2. MY CAT CLAY AIKEN??? (funny video by ijustine)          

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***So are these your favorites or can you think of some that are funnier? Please let me know in the  comments below or via twitter @ccol4him with #funnyclayvids .