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Clay Nation Gathers Funds For UNICEF Haiti Relief

Haiti EarthquakeImage by United Nations Development Programme via Flickr

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The Claymates(Clay Aiken fans) have organized a UNICEF page where all fans from around the world can donate From The Heart of The Clay Nation

I also have a link for giving to UNICEF that I started before the earthquake. United States Fund for UNICEF |Help Kids in Need throughout the World! |
/help_kids_in_need_throughout_the_world .

While Haiti is the focus of most of the world's media-including
television, internet and print, there are some who promote urgent donations now and others, like Tom Brokaw-who recommend donating for Haiti relief in 3 months when donor apathy will have caused most people to stop giving. Whichever is best for you, please give as you are able. There are many places and information on ways to give, please be careful that the charity that you give to is a legitimate one like UNICEF, Red Cross and others. CNN Impact has a detailed list of reliable charities and ways to help.
If you're a blogger, it's not too late to get involved with the Bloggers' Day of Action, though the date for it has already happened.

I know there's an information overload and pleas everywhere for Haiti; but if you imagine that it's your relative, friend or yourself over there suffering-that will spur you to do something and to do more.

The first video is from SueRue, the second is a montage that I made.

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Support the Haiti Disaster Relief Effort

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