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Off Topic:Another Funny Photo
I'm on the road this week-saw family in Brunswick, GA and I'm staying at Amelia Island, Florida. This Photo was taken at the Florida welcome center:


Guess this little bird didn't read the sign :D!
He sat on this sign for the longest time. I think he wanted a treat for posing! 
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Photo Fun

(sorry don't know the original source of this photo) 
 Okay, Clay; you can relax, the tour is over for 2010!
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"Painted Bottoms" For Inclusion?!?!

Search for inclusionNational Inclusion ProjectImage via Wikipedia
No this isn't the bottom you think :D ! 
The National Inclusion Project is asking for volunteers to paint the bottom of a chair to go on auction at their annual Champions Gala in October. It can be any design you want; Clay, yourself or even the of your favorite blog :D! Or if you are not comfortable designing, you can bid on a chair. For more information, Check out this link .

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Clay Tour News for 2011,Already?

NEW YORK - MAY 06:  Singer Clay Aiken signs hi...Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard have not wrapped up their summer Timeless Tour yet, and there is a tidbit of news for Clay's upcoming tour for his latest album Tried and True. A few cities have been mentioned; Atlanta. Miami and more. Just check out Clay's Fan Club page here 
for more info. If you aren't a member of Clay's fan club, check out this page.
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Happy Second Birthday, Parker Foster Aiken!!!


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                         Yesterday was a very special day for Parker Foster Aiken, son of singer Clay Aiken and producer Jaymes Foster. It was Parker's second birthday. I wish a happy day for Parker and his family and all the best for him now and in the future.

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Duet By Clay and Chaka Khan Inspires Phineas and Ferb

The stages of development for a scene during t...Image via Wikipedia

         "I Believe We Can"  , as sung by Clay Aiken and Chaka Khan, serves as the motivational song for Disney's animated characters Phineas and Ferb, in their flight to follow the sun and have the longest day of summer ever.   This song was just one of many great songs on the Summer Belongs To You movie, and the album is available for 4.99 at Itunes. The movie has been shown on Disney XD and will be shown throughout this week. Check your local listings.
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Guest Post Review of Tried and True Album

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This post is by a guest poster Monique who I met through My Blog Guest. 
If you would like to be a guest blogger here, please comment below or email me . 
Thank you and thank you, Monique.

Clay Aiken’s new cd, Tried and True, is another successful notch in the American Idol runner-up’s belt. Admittedly, since I’m from Birmingham, AL, most of my attention was focused on Ruben Studdard during his and Clay’s time on the show, but now that all of the hoopla is over, I have to say that Clay Aiken’s instrument is one that deserves all of the accolades he’s received over the years.
In all of the songs on Tried and True, comprised of collection of iconic songs from the ‘50s and ‘60s, you can hear how Aiken’s voice has grown, probably due to his tenure on Broadway in Spamalot. He sounds clear, commanding during each of his performances on the cd, never succumbing to the lush, big-band production. But when the song calls for it, like “It’s Impossible”, the control he has over his voice allows him to sound fragile and vulnerable, letting raw emotion seep in.
Overall, this album is one that a hardcore Clay Aiken fan needs in their collection, but if you just happen to be a lover of beautiful songs sung well, then this album won’t disappoint.
Monique Jones is an entertainment blogger. Visit her site at

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Clay Aiken Performs On PBS

Clay Aiken
Clay Aiken had his first PBS special recently, it was filmed live in his hometown Raleigh, North Carolina in March. Tried and True Live  aired last night  in some local PBS stations including my local station, WTCI .
Guests performing with Clay included Ruben Studdard and Linda Eder. Clay performed many classic hits from his Tried and True cd that was just released this summer, plus more from the 60's through the 90's.  The current Timeless Tour with Ruben covers some of these songs, but Clay will have a tour in 2011 to promote his latest CD.
               A touching moment in the concert was when Clay honored one of his teachers. Clay had studied at UNC-Greensboro to become a special education teacher.  

This show not only gives fans a chance to see Clay's singing talent, but also gives nonfans(NJU-Not Just Us) a chance to discover Clay Aiken and the other performers. It also gives the younger viewer the chance to discover some of the classic songs, such as Crying and Moon River.
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