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Another "Aiken" Makes Gaming News

Video game stationImage by niallkennedy via Flickr
As far as I can tell, the Aiken Labs folks aren't related to Clay; but for those interested in video games or even adaptive gear-their gadgetry is some pretty nifty stuff. To find out more, check out the following links:
The Aiken Labs Immersive Motion Accessory System » Coolest  gadgets

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Happy Father's Day , Clay!

Father's Day Myspace Comments

Happy Father's Day to Clay and all the dads! Special thoughts go to the families of those whose Dads have passed away and to the single Moms who also serve as Dads. 

Baby of Mine Montage by clayaiken3ever18

Though Parker is no longer a wee baby, this video showcases Clay as a father.

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Happy 96th Birthday, Les Paul!

Les Paul with friend.Image via Wikipedia

If you're younger than 30, you may not know who Les Paul was except through Guitar Hero. Today Google's front page honored this musical legend and recording genious on his 96th birthday.*. . Though Les Paul died in 2009, the doodle helps to remind the older generation of who he was and to teach a new generation about one of the innovators that contributed to the music that they listen to now.

If you'd like to learn more about Les Paul, please check out this wikipedia page

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