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Sunday's Song # 4: "This Is The Night"

           "This Is The Night" and "Bridge Over Troubled Water" was Clay Aiken's first single during American Idol. It is still available at Itunes in the link above. While "This Is The Night" is Clay's top song on Google, it is not Clay's most viewed song on YouTube. That honor goes to "Unchained Melody."  The song was composed by 3 people; Gary Burr, Chris Braide, and
Aldo Nova , they are also performers. Gary Burr is in a band with Kenny Loggins and 
Georgia Middleman that is called Blue Sky Riders.  Chris Braide sings and plays piano, but is probably more well-known for writing and producing songs for Sia, Lana Del Grey, Selena Gomez, David Guetta, and many more musical artists.  Aldo Nova became a popular heavy metal musician during the 80's and 90's.

        I and other listeners may think of this song as a wedding song, but one of the songwriters was  inspired by September 11th (see Songfacts for more info.... ). Please let me know what you think of this post an the blog series in the comments below.

                                          The first time that I heard Clay sing this song I wanted it to be part of my wedding music, but that wedding has not happened yet and I'm almost 50.  Now that I know that part of the song was inspired by 9/11- it really changes how you think about it. I think everyone tried to contact their loved ones that day to see if they were okay.  

           How about you, what did you think of the song the first time you heard it? I remember the excitement of Clay beginning his music career, the release of the EP and the video. Those were fun times.   

 This Is The Night Official- Clay Aiken

This is The Night-Chris Braide

Blue Sky Raiders- Little Victories

Aldo Nova- Fantasy (different one from the song Clay performed on American Idol)

               So what do you think about the song and this post? Did you learn something new? To see the other posts in this  #sundayssong series, click the following links;Sunday's Song: "I Believe We Can" Sunday's Song # 2 : "Build Me Up Buttercup" , and Sunday's Song # 3 : "Always and Forever"

         In addition, here is the photo link to the Spotify playlist;

Sunday's Songs Playlist on Spotify


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